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Installation requirements for commercial electrostatic precipitators


1. Commercial ESP inspects and confirms the acceptance before installation of the lower platform foundation of ESP, installs the components of ESP according to the requirements of Installation Instructions of ESP and design drawings, determines the central installation benchmark of ESP according to the acceptance basis, and serves as the installation benchmark of cathode and anode systems.

2. Check the flatness, column spacing and diagonal error of the plane on the base.

3. Check the shell parts, correct the transport deformation, install layer by layer from bottom to top, such as support group-bottom beam (install ash hopper and electric field internal platform after qualified inspection) - column and side panel-top beam-air inlet and outlet (including distribution plate and trough plate) - cathode and anode system-top cover plate-high voltage power supply and other equipment. Ladders, platforms and railings can be installed layer by layer according to the installation sequence. After each layer is installed, the inspection and record shall be carried out according to the requirements of the Installation Instructions of ESP and the design drawings: such as flatness, diagonal line, column spacing, verticality, polar distance, etc. After installation, the air tightness of the equipment shall be checked, the leaky welding parts shall be repaired, inspected, and the leaky welding parts shall be repaired.

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